The Shop is Open and Orders Have Shipped!

I actually got it done. All orders, and giveaway items, have been shipped! Now I can start fresh for August.

I am determined to keep myself on track and organized. I even purchased a MomAgenda Home Edition Planner. Because ya know, if you’re a momma that wants to stay organized you gotta use a MomAgenda planner. I’m totally kidding. Any planner would work fine. I just decided to give MomAgenda a try, since half the mommy blogs I visit have their MomAgenda affiliate ads all up in my face. :)

Getting Organized

So anything shop and blog related makes it into that lovely turquoise planner. I’m hoping that writing things down will help me remember important things, such as those sponsor feature emails that I haven’t done a very good job or replying to. So sorry, gals! I’ve even finalized the line-up for my Blogiversary Birthday Bash Giveaway Event, which begins at the end of the month. I’ve got some fabulous giveaways from Barn Owl Primitives, The Pleated Poppy, 41 West Designs and many, many more!

Being that I was scrambling to get all my orders shipped today, I was up really late last night. And I happened to notice that I had gained 15 new GFC followers in the span of two hours. Yes, I’m obsessed with my numbers. Sad, I know. But when every company I work with asks how many followers I have, I can’t help but obsess over it.

Anyway, I couldn’t figure out the sudden influx of followers. So I went to bed thinking that my blog must be even more awesome than I thought, and people just can’t help but become obsessed with me, the girls, my shop and it’s lovely items.

And then I woke up to comments on my blog from people visiting from the Boost Your Buzz giveaway! Then I put two and two together and realized that although I am pretty awesome, and so is my blog, people were really coming to win some money. But what do I care? As long as those numbers keep going up for the next 14 days, I’m all for it! So if you haven’t entered the $1000 giveaway, I suggest you go now! I will be entering it, too!

By the way, those lovely chrysanthemum rings I told you about… Well, they’ve been added to the shop! Go snag one here.


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    i wish my blog was growing that fast, leilani. i need a planner really bad. the hello kitty one isn’t cutting it. there’s not enough space on each day to write out all i need to do.

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