Chasing Fireflies Review: Halloween Costume Shopping

I know it’s only mid-September, but Halloween will be here before you know it. Paul and I have been discussing our Halloween costumes for the past several weeks. We’re now one of those families that come up with a theme and plan matching costumes.

Last year, the girls and I were cats. Paul was a sourpuss and didn’t want to join in on the fun. This year I made him promise that he would wear a matching costume and he agreed.

So, being that I hate having to spend a ridiculous amount of money on the low quality costumes you that fill the hooks of the go-to Halloween costume super stores, I decided I would do my best to find high quality costumes, even if I had to purchase it online without seeing it in person first. Luckily, I was chosen to do a review for Chasing Fireflies!

Chasing Fireflies

When we received the catalog, the girls and I sat for 20 minutes just looking at the great selection of costumes. Soleil pointed to almost every. single. costume. asking me, “What’s this mommy?” You can only imagine how quickly that got old. Then, the next day, I let them browse the costumes online with me, and that took forever! Once again, my 2-year-old went through almost every single costume asking, “What’s this mommy?” Seeing how excited she was just to be able to look at costumes again, I humored her.

After another 40 minutes browsing the Chasing Fireflies site, I finally convinced Soleil of which costume she wanted for Halloween. After I did that, it was only appropriate to tell her what costume Selene would be wearing as well. We decided on a cute little squiggly piggy for Soleil and a baby chick for Selene. The nice thing about Chasing Fireflies is that they carry everything needed for the costume, including the leggings and tees that were used on the child models. This was nice because I didn’t have to go fishing around ten different stores looking for leggings and tees in the colors I needed. It made shopping so much easier!

The costumes shipped a couple days after I placed my order. When the package arrived, I told the girls it was their costume (my mistake!) and there was no way Soleil was going to let me put that box away without her trying on her costume. So rather than have my 2-year-old melt down, I stripped them down and slapped on their costumes.

Halloween Costumes

Aren’t they just too cute?!?

I was INCREDIBLY impressed with the quality of the costumes! These aren’t the costumes you get at the Halloween Superstore or Target, where they are pretty much disposable and rip at the slightest tug. These costumes are well-worth the price! And because of their high-quality, these costumes solved another issue I usually have with lower-quality costumes. During Halloween, it begins to get chilly around here, and I wanted the girls to wear costumes that I know they would be warm in without having to cover up their costumes with a coat. These costumes were absolutely perfect for that! The cute hoods are sure too keep their noggins warm while we’re out trick-or-treating. For those of you wondering, Paul and I are dressing up as farmers and our dog, Bella, is going to be a cow!

So if you’re looking to get some Halloween costumes for your children, I highly recommend that you check out Chasing Fireflies by clicking here.

p.s. Chasing Fireflies is having a Twitter party on Wednesday, September 21st at 9-10 pm ET, 8-9 central, 6-7 pm PT. Use the hashtag #wishcraft to follow the fun! RSVP here.

Disclosure: This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.


  1. says

    I make my family do themes, too! Last year my son was a quarterback, our girl dogs were cheerleaders, my boy dog was a football, and I was the Team Mom, haha. Hubs was deployed, but I would have made him the coach! :)

  2. Cerrisse Wood says

    cute! I will check them out. This year will be my sons first year getting dressed up, so excited!

  3. Megan says

    I’m having major issues choosing the right size for my 2 year old for the squiggly pig costume. I’m afraid the 18mo/2T will be too small and the girls 4 will be too big. Do mind sharing what size you ordered for your 2 year old? The picture is priceless and whatever size you selected looks like it would fit my pooh bear perfectly! Thank you so much for your time.

  4. Joy says

    Warning: Beware Chasing Fireflies! I ordered 2 costumes for my children in August. The one that was supposed to be for a 9 year old came with a sticker that said “size 9-10″ but that sticker was COVERING another sticker that said “size 4″. And it was so small my daughter couldn’t get into it. When I tried to have it replaced, my new order was mysteriously “cancelled”. So I placed a third order. When I called to check on it (having learned my lesson), they said it was backordered til Thursday, and that they would overnight it for free to arrive on Friday. I called a fourth time to check and the woman said that one dress was actually backordered until Sept. 8!!!! But that the other items would be sent for Friday delivery. Nothing arrived on Friday, so I left a message for one of the agents (by now I had some direct extensions). That agent emailed me with a new order number saying she had to place the order again. I called to check on the order and another agent said she couldn’t find anything under that order number that was emailed to me!!! There were a few more emails and a few more phone calls.

    That isn’t the end of the story. I still haven’t received 3 of the items!!!

    • Momma VB says

      We have had a nightmare experience dealing with Chasing Fireflies. Yes, the costumes are great, and they should be for close to $90 each! However, first, I never received any confirmation of the order and it took two times to try to get someone to answer my questions. Then the order was a week late. And when it arrived, the Clone Trooper helmet was CRACKED. Of course, with their stellar customer service (NOT!), they took so long to reply, and rather than remedy the situation, I was simply told that they were sold out of the costume. That’s it. Prepare to have some disappointed kids. I am left with a cracked helmet and a company not willing to handle the situation.


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