Flowers for Valentine’s Day

When Paul and I first started dating, I used to tell him to never buy me flowers. Why? Because I felt they were a waste of money. Fast forward 7.5 years later and I’m always complaining that he never buys me flowers. The poor guy can never win.

Truth be told, every girl wants flowers, even if only once in a blue moon. Am I right?

So this Valentine’s Day I will make it easy for my husband. I WANT FLOWERS, PAULITO! A gorgeous arrangement with my favorite flowers, gerberas, like this one from Telerflora:

Sort of ironic that I even chose a pink arrangement considering I used to tell Paul I hate the color pink. But after having two girls, it’s safe to say that it has grown on me and has even become one of my favorite colors.

This Valentine’s Day all I want from my hubby is a bouquet of flowers. Something to dress up our kitchen table and brighten up our newly renovated apartment. Paul says he reads this blog. We’ll all know if he truly does if I actually get flowers in two weeks. Oh yeah. This is a test.

Do you get (or expect) flowers on Valentine’s Day?

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  1. says

    Ha! This is exactly me when my husband and I first started dating, too funny! I think once in a great while would be great for flowers, I obviously still think they’re a little spendy for something that doesn’t last long…but sometimes, they’re just really nice to get and have around. Pretty sure I won’t be getting flowers for V-day, but it’s a nice thought:)

  2. Michelle Flores says

    I told Mario the same thing way back when. Now I only get flowers when he’s in BIG trouble. Which makes me think I should be getting them more often then I really am! Lol. Flowers are nice, but so are a box of Godiva’s!

  3. Maritza Basurto-Short says

    I use to love to get them but then realized that getting plants were better. Not only do they live longer but you don’t have to put them in the ground. You can enjoy them for as long as they last. If I want flowers, I usually buy them myself. Then I say to my hubby, “see what you bought me”! LOL! I love Peruvian lilies!


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