Kickboxing Kicked My Arse!

In my never-ending quest to lose weight, I have decided to join a local boxing gym.

The first day made me want to cry. I felt like a contestant on Biggest Loser who just couldn’t get through the workout. I took breaks. Frequent breaks. I was out of breath with the warm-up. The thought of moving on to the actual workout terrified me. I was afraid I would pass out or throw up. I just kept thinking, “I can’t do this!” I had a sh*tty attitude.

The instructor annoyed me because he was overly enthusiastic. He kept coming over trying to push me, when all I wanted to do was get through the workout.

Afterwards, I felt like sh*t. I was exhausted. I felt somewhat like a failure because I know I didn’t give my all. It was a half-@s$ed effort on my part.

On Day 2, I told myself I would go in with a CAN DO attitude. I tried to incorporate all the tips the instructor had given me during the first class, but completely disregarded at the time. The 150lb punching bag kicked my arse, but at least I gave 100% this time. I wasn’t completely out of breath like I was on Day 1, and I even managed a compliment from the instructor. YAY!

This time I imagined kicking the arse of someone I really dislike (per the instructor’s advice) and that worked wonders, haha. I think I may have bruised up my knee a little, too. Hardcore, right? Anyway, I’m actually looking forward to next week. GO ME!!!

Have you ever tried kickboxing?


  1. says

    I haven’t tried kickboxing, though I’ve thought about it. I’m happy you didn’t give up!

  2. Christina says

    Kickboxing is my favorite workout! I go 4 times a week, and I never get bored. It takes a few times to get into the swing of the workout, but it is definitely awesome. I tried spin class for the first time tonight and it almost killed me, so I’m going to make myself go back until I get good at it! Good job for giving this a shot, you’ll love it and feel great in no time! :)

  3. Robyn E says

    You go kick a$$ girl ! You can do it. Thought of it, but I am accident prone
    so I would have ended up kicking my own a$$ !

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