One Year Away from the “Itch”

I’m talking about the seven year itch. The notion that after seven years of marriage partners are less inclined to be in a monogamous relationship and are most likely to get divorced.

First marriages end up in divorces in an average duration of just less than 8 years.


Paul and I are only one year away from the “itch”. We’ll be celebrating our six year wedding anniversary on St. Patrick’s Day next month.

Am I worried about next year? I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t.

Paul and I were at each others’ throats at only two years of marriage, and are wringing each others’ necks at nearly six years of marriage. Would it come as a shock to reach our breaking point at seven years of marriage? No. But I’m definitely going to do everything in my power, (as I’m sure Paul will too) to ensure it doesn’t get to that point.

I know marriage isn’t easy. Marriage is about compromise. When you take two very different people and put them in a situation where they are with each other every single day for years, they are bound to argue and fight. The difference is we are not just two different people who were thrown into a situation, but rather two people who vowed to spend the rest of our lives together for “better or worse”. It’s not a situation we can just walk away from and clean our hands of. Its a lot more complicated than that, especially when there are children involved.

So although I fight with Paul more often than I would like, if we ever reach our breaking point he can be damn sure that I’m going to fight for him.

Over a 40 year period, 67 percent of first marriages terminate in a divorce and 50 percent of these divorces take place within the first 7 years.


Are you worried about the seven year itch? Or have you made it past the seven year itch?


  1. Michelle Flores says

    We have made it past the seven year itch and are now on seventeen years on Feb 18th. Every relationship has its ups and downs. The goal is to have more of the ups to make the downs more bearable. Marriage is a lot of work, but so is being single. It’s important to find ways to not just love each other, but to stay in love with each other. I would never want to live my life without my husband by my side. I would not want to walk down this road alone or with someone other than the father of my children. If that day comes when I start to get the “itch” whether it be 17 or 27 years, I will visit it then. For now the “for better” are still more prominent than the “for worse’s”.

  2. says

    We just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary in November and we’re still going strong. :) We hit a tough season around year 3ish but got through it just fine. Marriage takes endurance and good communication, that’s for sure!

  3. Julie says

    14 yrs for us in July…not easy & threw out the “D” word plenty. I had to really get over myself ( and still do sometimes ) and pick my battles. Some women are in horrible situations that end badly. I think if my husband can live with my imperfections, I can live with his.
    I did tell my 10 yr old a bit of advice…date your wife! Those of you who have that still, good for you! I don’t but I know that I am loved…he shares his power tools with me :)

  4. says

    In two weeks is my 7 year wedding anniversary…but to tell ya the truth, we passed the 7 yrs a LONG TIME AGO! I’ve known my hubby since I was 14! FOURTEEN, Leilani!
    Yeah, I got sick of him when I turned 21, but he wouldn’t give up:) So happy he didn’t…

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