Family Fun at Dave & Buster’s

It’s always nice to get together with family to do something light-hearted and fun. I’ve been looking forward to celebrating Paul and Papa’s (the girls’ grandpa) birthdays at Dave & Buster’s for the past couple of weeks.

We are lucky to have great relationships with Paul’s family. I could not be happier with the in-laws I gained when I married Paul. I am truly blessed to have them in my life. Tonight was one of those night’s when we had not a care in the world and just enjoyed the great company surrounding us.

I snapped the above pic after my nephew, Quintin, said to me, “Uncle Paul looks so serious… even just his stance…” Yes, my 35-year-old husband is extremely competitive, even with his pre-teen nephews. Lol. Unfortunately for him, our other nephew, Payton, ended beating him at that game.

*Side note: Paul wanted me to add that he did beat his nephews at Basketball, Trivia and a motorcycle race. He seriously asked me to add that when he found out I was writing this post.

Even the girls had a blast playing a car racing game that was simple enough for them to operate. We actually told them we were at “Pizza Planet” (Toy Story reference for those without kids or who are not into Disney) and there faces lit up and they were smiling from ear to ear. They even got to see “The Claw”. They really could not believe it. It was so cute!

Tomorrow is a big day for us here at Chateau Parquer. It will be Paul and Bella’s (our furbaby) birthdays. Yes, they share a birthday! Soleil has plans to bake her daddy a cake. She even wants to add fresh strawberries. Baking with a toddler… Should be fun, right?

And while a strawberry cake isn’t his fave, Paul was able to enjoy his own personal carrot cake (that’s his fave) tonight. His mom bought him his own carrot cake because nobody else would eat one. He’s such a momma’s boy.

Happy early birthday, Paul & Bella. I <3 you both!


  1. Mario Flores says

    Too funny, I started laughing throughout the day every time I pictured Paul looking so serious playing against his 12 year old nephew. We ha a blast, and we are willing to go again with you guys anytime. It’s great to be able to find time with family.

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