A Boy or Girl?

The other day I had a prenatal appointment, and my doctor asked me if I had found out the gender of the baby at my NT ultrasound. Surprised by his question, I answered with, “Isn’t it too early to tell the gender?” He told me if the baby is in the right position, you can tell as early as 13 weeks.

Excited, I told him to go for it since he was going to do an ultrasound anyway. The verdict? This…

Parquer Ultrasound

He said, “That may, or may not, be a penis.” So in conclusion there is a 50% chance I will have a boy. Weren’t those my odds to begin with? Lol.


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    I found out my 2nd was as girl REALLY early and she was indeed a girl. I would say you are having a boy because after seeing 2 girl ultrasounds myself they definitely didn’t look like this picture. I say 100% boy.

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    They told me a girl at 16 weeks, and they were wrong, so I’m not sure you really can tell that early, lol.

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    That looks like my boys did :) however they thought my last was boy really early but it was HER umbilical cord LOL

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    LOL Well you would think it is a 50/50 shot, but apparently in my case, it is always 100% chance I am carrying a boy. You will find out the gender soon enough. :)

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    I’d say that is a penis! But lol at your tech’s response! We found out really early with this baby it was a boy. We didn’t tell anyone until it was confirmed at the 18 week u/s though…

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