Pilates Pregnancy Workouts DVD

One of the things I am looking forward to with baby #3 is my birthing experience. I had two very different experiences delivering the girls and would love nothing more than to replicate the experience I had with Isabel. It was completely empowering to go through labor and delivery with no pain medication and I fully intend to give birth to Baby Parquer the same way, which means I need to prepared for labor and delivery.

Eva Bondar's Pilates Pregnancy Workouts

Eva Bondar’s Pilates Pregnancy Workouts DVD

Get ready for baby with some “mommy” time fitness-Maui style. Pilates inspired workouts tone and relax the body, relieving stress and building strength to support motherhood. Workouts feature beautiful beach backdrop of Maui, Hawaii.”

The DVD includes the following workouts:

  • Whole Body Streching Warm Up
  • Core Strengthening Back Workout
  • Upper Body Toning Workout
  • Lower Body Strengthening Workout
  • Kegels Workout

I was sent a review copy of Eva Bondar’s Pilates Pregnancy Workouts DVD and was very excited to try it out.

First off, you have an option to play the DVD with or without a voice, which allows you to complete your workout without Eva’s instructions. I know some people are really particular about the instructor’s voice during a workout DVD, so it’s a nice option to have. In place of the voice you will instead hear nature sounds only. Personally, I find her voice to be very soothing and prefer to hear the instruction as I follow along.

In addition, you can also choose to complete the entire 55 minute workout at once, or you can do it chapter-by-chapter. This is a great feature as there are times when I am pressed for time and only have a 10-15 minute stretch to myself, in which case I’ll choose a certain chapter to complete. Other times, I’ll choose to do the entire workout when I know I won’t be interrupted by the girls.

The setting of the workouts is right on a beach in Maui,Hawaii. Paul and I visited Oahu last June, so I find the scenery to be absolutely beautiful and reminiscent of our trip. The workouts are relaxing, gentle and leave me feeling re-energized and rejuvenated. They are not difficult at all, but can easily be made more challenging with the use of resistance bands or weights. I can definitely see myself continuing with this DVD throughout my pregnancy and certainly plan to.

Buy it

Eva Bondar’s Pilates Pregnancy Workouts DVD is available for purchase online at Amazon.com.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this DVD. Opinions here are my own.


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    The one thing I would do differently during my pregnancies would be to incorporate some fitness and exercise into those nine months. Good for you for taking that difficult step!

  2. says

    Have been away from your blog for a bit but back for a visit tonight and see that you are pregnant with #3! Congrats and blessings upon the rest of your pregnancy!

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