Joshua Francis

Joshua Francis

Is this thing on? ::taps mic::

Clearly this whole blogging thing has taken a back seat since Josh’s arrival. But adjusting to life with a newborn, a toddler and a preschooler calls for a two week hiatus to get in the swing of things.

I’m sure you’re expecting to be bombarded with the thousands of pictures I’ve taken of Joshua since he’s been home, or waiting to read his incredible birth story. But, I’m sorry to disappoint. Truth is, I’ve barely picked up my camera these past three weeks and I have no intention of sharing Josh’s birth story.

I’ve honestly been too busy enjoying my kids and just being in the moment. I really want to savor this precious newborn stage since it’ll be the last time I experience it. Yes, we are done having kids. I know I said that after having Isabel, but this time Paul and I will be taking measures to ensure there will be no surprise pregnancies in the future.

And the whole experience of giving birth to Joshua and the days following were such defining moments in our marriage that Paul and I both agree that we want to keep his birth story private.

In other news, Joshua is 3 weeks old! Someone please stop the clock or at least slow it down because I can’t believe how fast it’s flying by.

I haven’t even been taking weekly newborn pictures of Josh like I did of the girls. Total mom fail! But here are the handful (mostly IG pics) I have managed to take of my little man these past few weeks. Enjoy!

Joshua FrancisJoshua FrancisJoshua FrancisJoshua Francis


  1. says

    OMG, Congrats!! Joshua is adorable. You will have your hands full the next couple of weeks – good luck with everything.

  2. says

    He’s just DARLING!! Our situations sound very similar. We had two daughters and then a son, and I had my tubes tied 2 months after he was born. Three kids are perfect!

  3. says

    Precious! Totally don’t blame you for hardly picking up the camera. I didn’t take as many pictures of #2 as I did #1. Can’t imagine having #3!

  4. says

    How beautiful and though we would love to hear it, you have every right to keep private what you want to keep private. Congrats again on your family addition.

  5. says

    He is just precious – can’t believe he’s already 3 weeks old! Take your time!! I know I did.. I think I went on a 3 week break ;-)

  6. says

    Oh my goodness, he is so precious. I have never seen dimples like that one a baby so young. Matt and I took measures after Jase, and I have found myself a million times over the years wishing we hadn’t, so I wish you the best in that decision, it is a very personal and hard one to make.

  7. Sandy VanHoey says

    He is absolutely adorable, have fun with the family. Times does go by so quickly

  8. says

    Gosh he’s just perfect. Sad no birth story. I love reading them, but I understand your reasoning!

  9. Nicole N. says

    Congratulations! I just came across your blog today and your new little one is just too precious!

  10. Sonya Morris says

    He is so adorable and those dipples are making my heart melt! I love his name too!

  11. Jessica B. says

    Congrats, he is adorable. I had a little boy born on August 1st. Enjoy!

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