Back-to-School Book List for Kindergarteners

Back-to-School Book List for Kindergarteners

Kindergarten is going to be a busy year for your little one. Not only will your kindergartener learn their ABCs and numbers, they’ll also be reading and writing, and working on several other social and motor skills. If your child is entering kindergarten this Fall, you need to help your child cope with this huge transition. These back-to-school books for kindergarteners will help you introduce important kindergarten topics to your 5-year-old. [Read more...]

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Back-to-School Book List for Preschoolers

Back-to-School Book List for Preschoolers

Is your child ready to head to preschool for the first time? Going to preschool is an important step in any young child’s life, but there are a few skills your child needs to know first. Your child will learn both educational and social skills that will help get them through the next twelve years of school. To help make the transition from home to preschool easier, take a few moments this summer to read these books to your soon-to-be preschooler. [Read more...]

Getting Ready for Kindergarten

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As our summer is coming to an end, the reality of my first born starting kindergarten is beginning to hit home. Just last week, we attended the “Meet the Teacher” event at Eleanor’s school and seeing her walk around the classroom and introduce herself to her new classmates really opened my eyes to how much she has grown and matured over the years. My little baby is no longer a baby and it honestly brings tears to my eyes. [Read more...]