Core Strength Exercises Help You In Many Ways

Core strength exercises are essential to a healthy life. Without Core strength we tend to not move in an energetic manner because we do not feel like we have much energy.

It affects our posture in a negative way. Many times when we do not include core strength exercises into our work out strategy and we really miss the big picture.

Having core strength is much more than having a flat belly or a washboard. It is about the way you feel and the way that our internal organs operate. Did you know that your kidneys can get out of shape? This happens when we do not drink enough water and do not eat nutritious meals. It also happens when our muscles are not tones in our core.

Our internal organs depend on core strength tone. Our core muscles assist in digestion and elimination. Core muscles help our heart to work more efficiently and encourage our liver to release bile and other waste.

Our large and small intestines depend on core muscles for support.

These exercises are an important part of not becoming incontinent because our bladder sits in a “hammock” that is supported by core muscles. If we do not include the proper core strength exercises then we might find that we have “sprung a leak” and that can be embarrassing.

What happens to a torso that does not have a strong core.

First of all as that person gets older they will loose more height than a person that practices exercises specifically designed for core strength. The reason for this is that our muscles support our skeletal frame. Our bones are not “super glued” together they depend on ligaments, tendons and most importantly muscles for support.

When the muscles are allowed to experience atrophy (shrinking) then much of the strength and support is gone. This allows our spinal vertebrae to kind of squish together and that is what makes us shorter. When we couple the lack or core strength exercises together with dehydration it exasperates the problem.

Dehydration affects the little discs between our vertebrae. Each day the pounding of everyday life takes a toll on the disc however each night it will rejuvenate and re-fill with fluid. That is how it happens in a hydrated person, dehydration does not allow for the disc to totally rejuvenate and this too contributes to the loss of height.

We have talked about all of the things about core strength exercises can do that we ca not see so now let us talk about the visible affects of having a weak core.

You never get a second chance for a first impression. You wonder why that matters. When you walk into a room do you want to have the impression of being weak, shy, unsure, and unfit? That is what a person looks like that has shoulders that are forward and a back that is rounded and maybe a head that hangs low.

People with strong cores seldom look that way. When they walk into a room, their chest is forward, shoulders back and their head is held high.

It is a fact that just the act of working out and increasing your fitness levels will increase your self esteem and confidence. So not only are the people practicing core strength exercises stronger but just because they practice these exercises they have increased the way they feel about their self.


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