How to LOSE 10 LBS in 1 WEEK Even If You’ve Tried All the Fad Diets

How to LOSE 10 LBS in 1 WEEK Even If You've Tried All the Fad Diets

How to LOSE 10 LBS in 1 WEEK Even If You’ve Tried All the Fad Diets

In less than 5 minutes Kaelin Tuell Poulin speaks the truth about how to lose 10 pounds in 1 week even if you’ve already tried all the fad diets. It might not be the truth that everyone wants to hear. In fact, if may be a “dirty truth” about such weight loss claims.

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  • Losing 10 pounds in a week – Should you?
  • The truth about fast weight loss that is difficult to hear
  • Small changes can lead to a 10 pounds weight loss – this is true
  • The dirty truth
  • Marketing versus Reality for women’s fitness
  • How about a 5 pound weight loss this week?
  • You can’t hate yourself to lose weight
  • Small choices

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Excerpt from the video:

Can You Lose 10 Pounds in 1 Week and Should You Even Try?

I’m going to teach you how to lose 10 pounds in one week. Okay, okay, okay, okay. I lied.

I’m not going to teach you how to lose 10 pounds in one week, because number one, so unhealthy. Number two, so impossible.

Number three, I just want to get all these fad diet claims out of your head. For me, I’ve lost 65 pounds on my own journey. I can remember Googling this same exact thing.

I can remember trying to look up on YouTube this same exact thing. You know, it’s just important.

We hear all these big claims from all these companies that are like, “You’re going to lose your first 10 pounds in a week, and it’s going to detox you this, and this is going to,” and just like all this crap, right? When I was trying to lose weight myself …

So don’t get me wrong, I’ve been in your shoes.

I know exactly what you’re looking for, and why you want it, and why you feel like you need to do it and do it fast.


The Truth About Crazy Claims on FAST Weight Loss for Women

But I’m here to tell you that even those things that make those claims and even those things that get water weight off your body or water pills that you take and you’re going to pee out 10 pounds over the next couple of days, I’m here to tell you that that stuff doesn’t work, okay? After losing the weight, losing the 65 pounds, keeping it off for the last six years, I can tell you that the real answer that you want, even though it doesn’t sound as sexy, it doesn’t sound as cool, it doesn’t sound as simple, but exercise and nutrition.

What I mean by that is you don’t have to hate it either.

If you want to lose 10 pounds even this month, let’s not say this week, but if you want to lose 10 pounds this month, we have to start changing what you’re doing in your everyday life.

FACT: Small Changes Can Lead to A Weight Loss of 10 Pounds – But Not in a Week

Small changes per day can lead up to that 10 pounds that you want to lose, which might end up being 20 pounds over the next couple of months or 30 pounds. What’s important is that you realize the difference between fad diet claims and the real hard truth of losing that 10 pounds and keeping it off, because you don’t want to lose it and then put it right back on, right? No.

Neither do I.

The Dirty Truth When It Comes to Weight Loss for Women

You have to be really careful when you see all these pictures of girls and it’s like, “Lose 10 pounds and be shredded like this in 10 days,” or, “Have a six pack like this in two weeks,” like it’s not true, okay?

It all boils down to hard freaking work and putting the right things in your body, eating the right things, exercising. I know that it’s something like I didn’t want to hear that either, but once I started doing it, I started feeling so much better than just trying to jump from like magic pill to magic pill, from diet pill to shake to thing to thing.

Reality vs. Marketing – How You Really Lose Weight and Get Into Shape

Literally every little thing that would hit the shelf with a new label on it, I would grab it because I was that person that wanted to lose 10 pounds in a week. I was that person that felt like, “Oh, I’m going to lose 50 pounds this month,” right?

That’s not the way that your body works, all right?

How About 5 Pounds of Weight Loss This Week? That is a Possibility … Maybe

Just start by tweaking things in your diet.

Stop going out to eat. Stop drinking sodas. Cut way back, way, way back on the sugar, okay?

Adapting those little things, you might lose five pounds this week.



You might lose five pounds this month, but don’t put timeline on yourself and be realistic to how your body actually works and what’s actually going to work for you, okay?

You Can’t Hate Yourself Into Losing Weight

You have to be okay with where you’re at to be able to move forward. You can’t hate yourself into losing weight. You can’t be like, “I have to lose the 10 pounds in one week because I’m going to be in a bathing suit and I’m going to hate my life.

” Like I can remember thinking those same exact thoughts, but you can’t hate yourself into losing weight, okay?

Baby Steps and Small Choices

Just make sure along the way you take baby steps of that nutrition or working out.

Pick one or the other. Just pick to go do cardio today, or go workout today, or go to some type of fitness class today. Get your body moving, or pick a couple healthy recipes that you can make at home.

Pick a couple new snacks that you can be trying and adjust your nutrition, or adjust your exercise level.

As you start to take those baby steps, you’ll feel yourself starting to pick up speed where it becomes easier and easier and easier, and then you’re going to get real results that are going to last you for a long time instead of continuing this cycle of fad diet after fad diet after fad diet of trying to lose an unrealistic amount of weight in an unrealistic timeline.

Let go of the timelines. Let go of the fads. Change and adapt your lifestyle to the results that you want to get, and you can’t go wrong.

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Kaelin Tuell Poulin is the Co-Founder of LadyBoss Weight Loss. She is a best selling author and a sought after weight loss expert. After struggling with a food addiction and eating disorder for years, Kaelin was finally able to lose 65 pounds. Shortly after losing the weight she set a world record in the International Federation of Body Building by achieving her Pro Card in Figure in just 2 shows. After her own transformation, Kaelin’s focus is solely to help the average woman lose weight while loving herself again. Kaelin and her husband Brandon reside in Albuquerque, New Mexico with their daughter Roemee.

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